The Juvenile Detention Center is a short term pre-adjudication facility that provides a safe, caring and secure environment for male and female youth between the ages of 10-17 who are court-ordered detained pending release or out of home placement.

The Center is open 24 hours a day, year long. It has a population capacity of 62 youth, a medium sized facility in the State of Texas. The Detention Officers maintain order and daily operations of the facility and are responsible for the care, custody and control of the youth in our custody in accordance with standards set by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. We are responsible for the admissions and release of youth referred to us by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. We prevent disturbances, assaults and escapes by supervising activities and educational services. We have the responsibility to protect the public, protect fellow officers, support staff and our youth from harm. Officer’s serve as mentors and role models as well as disciplinarians and rule enforcers. Officers assist in transportation responsibilities that may include transfers to other facilities, medical appointments, court appearances and other required locations. Officers demonstrate concern and empathy for the youth detained.


Programming in Detention is structured and intended to provide for the safe and secure confinement of the youth detained while addressing their physical, emotional and educational needs. Educational services and structured recreational activities are provided by the Delta Academy through the El Paso Independent School District.

Education Program

Follows the EPISD public school schedule. Enables the youth to maintain academic level in a public school by continuing their work while in detention.

Library Services

Books, magazines and other reading materials are available to youth in the facility.

Foster Grandparent Program

Senior citizens volunteer their time to come into detention and interact with the youths.

HIV/AIDS Education

Health care awareness, education and testing of youth on the risk of sexual activity, drug use, and other activities that could lead to becoming HIV positive and contracting AIDS.

Art & Crafts

Expand the youths’ range and means of self-expression and to express their sense of personal identity and worth.

Religious Programming

Every reasonable effort is made to facilitate the practice of the youth's religion and they have access to publications of their respective faiths.</p>

Health/Hygiene Education Program

Instruction on various health and hygiene topics and personal cleanliness, proper dental care, foot care, proper diet, weight control, etc. and are conducted on a weekly basis.

Medical and Health Care Services

Nursing and pediatric services are provided through a contract with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

Dental Care Services

Youth are transported to Rawlings Dental Clinic and are provided with dental exams, cleaning, molar sealant, and any other dental services needed such as filling cavities.

Clinical Mental Health Services

Services provided through the Clinical Unit of the Juvenile Justice Center. They provide support and crisis services for any detained youth with suicidal ideations or mental health issues as necessary.

Texas Tech Fellowship

Psychiatric testing and services provided by Texas Tech Health Science Center.

Communication Policies

We understand that having a child detained and losing regular contact with them can be an extremely stressful experience. The following information is designed to help you maintain communication with your child and explain some of the general rules of the facility. If at any time you should have any questions or require more information, please contact the Detention anytime at 849-2570.

Regular Visitation Schedule

NOTE: Through the COVID-19 pandemic, contact visitations have been suspended. Efforts will be made to provide for Virtual Visitations as the technology become available. Please contact your child’s probation officer or a Detention supervisor for updates to this procedure.

Telephone Rules

  1. Residents will be allowed a 5-minute telephone call twice weekly. Phone call days will be determined by the housing unit the resident is assigned. Calls are limited to parents or legal guardians.
  2. Residents will be allowed to call their attorney during reasonable office hours, usually between 8a and 5p. Incoming calls will not be accepted for residents unless authorized by the Senior Officer or Director.
  3. A Detention Officer will dial all calls, based on numbers provided at admission. The officer will ensure that the party called is on the phone before giving the phone to the youth. All calls are documented.

Mail Privileges

  1. Residents are encouraged to write letters while detained. They are provided writing materials and postage for at least two letters per day on assigned mail writing days.
  2. Residents are not limited to writing materials or postage for legal correspondence.
  3. Residents may send and receive mail from whomever they wish, except for youth in another residential facility or the Texas Department of Corrections, or if the recipient is restricted by the Juvenile Court. Any prohibited mail will be returned to the sender.
  4. All outgoing and incoming mail will be logged in and recorded as to the sender and receiver of the mail.
  5. Mail can be opened, if in some circumstance there is probable cause to believe it contains contraband or may be part of a plan that threatens the security of the facility.
  6. Mail can be opened, if in some circumstance there is probable cause to believe it contains contraband or may be part of a plan that threatens the security of the facility.

Mailing Address

EL PASO, TX 79905-4408

Personal Property

Any property left behind in detention over thirty days after a resident has been released will be forfeited and become property of the Juvenile Probation Department. It is the responsibility of the youth and the parents to ensure that all property is released as the department will not give notification of property left behind.


All question may be directed to a Team Leader on duty or:
Ana Garnica, Detention Unit Manager (
(915) 849-2586