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Information Systems And Records

The Information Systems and Records unit is committed to provide reliable and efficient technology tools, and access to juvenile records in order to assist Juvenile Justice Professionals in providing high quality services to juveniles and their families.

The Information Systems and Records unit’s responsibility is the operation, management and support of the department’s information and communications systems. As the designated custodian of records, this unit maintains and stores electronic and hard copy records in a secure, uniform and accurate manner, identifies juvenile records subject to automatic restriction, sealing, inactivation, archiving and destruction. The unit also processes requests for release of information on juvenile’s records as allowed by law. Operates the Department of Public Safety (DPS) TCIC/NCIC system to conduct background checks.

The unit oversees the department's juvenile tracking and management systems as the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission (TJJD) Data Coordinator. The unit conducts requests for criminal, sex offender and FBI background checks, extracts, processes and tabulates statistical information.

The communications system's software and hardware were upgraded to a new release adding a network interface which allows the management and maintenance of certain phone functions to be performed remotely. This same interface gives access to the County Communications Department to view and assist with troubleshooting in some cases. The upgrade also allows for future growth.

The unit oversees the technology tools by providing technical and application support to over 200 users, the unit currently provides and supports computers, laptops, printers, scanners, smart boards and other technology devices. The unit also provides all the necessary office supplies, and prints and stocks various departmental forms.

Duties & Responsibilities

Operate, manage and support the information, communications and records systems
Provide technical and applications support to end users
Automate departmental processes
Serve as the Texas Juvenile Justice Department Data Coordinator
Serve as the JPD Terminal Agency Coordinator (TAC) for the Department of Public Safety
Serve as the Department’s Custodian of Records
Provide statistical information.

Reception Desk

  • Answer and manage all in-coming calls to the Department
  • Greet, Sign-in, and Direct Visitors
  • Operate V-Soft – Visitor Sign-in System
    • Keeps track of all visitors to the facility
    • Prints tag with visitor’s name, picture and destination
    • Keeps track of all visitors to the facility Screens for sex offenders to bring awareness of who’s in the building


  • Responsible for the secure storage and maintenance of all hard-copy files
  • Process requests for release of confidential juvenile information
  • Identify records that meet criteria for;
    • Sealing
    • Archiving
    • Destruction

Information Systems

Administration enhanced the department's information system tools by following and implementing the recommendations set forth in an Information Technology Report. The unit is currently automating processes of the different units by developing intelligent systems to reduce data input time, improve data accuracy, avoid duplication of data and automatically generate reports. Several departmental functions were automated such as the training management tool, new functionalities in the financial applications and creation of electronic forms for the Juvenile Information Systems. Also, the enhancement of a reporting tool extracting data from Caseworker5, the department's juvenile tracking and case management system, has simplified and expedited the data collection and statistical reporting process.

Juvenile Management Information System (JMIS)

JMIS is an automated juvenile tracking and case management system developed in-house. The system creates a way for the department to collect a standardized set of data and provide a tool to maintain this information for local and state statistical needs.

The process of entering data is a department effort. Data entry for detention, programs, hearings and placement data has been limited to a small group of individuals but other data entry needs are shared throughout the department. All units are responsible for ensuring information is entered into JMIS in a timely and consistent manner. Staff is strongly encouraged to review the JMIS data for quality assurance.

JMIS provides participating agencies with the capability to share offense and criminal history information and make informed decisions regarding the early identification, control, supervision, and treatment of juvenile offenders. Currently all Law Enforcement Agencies, The County Attorney’s Office, District Clerk’s Office, Courts 1 and 2 of the 65th District Court, and Victim Services are all utilizing this management System.

The application creates a Juvenile Profile that summarizes the juvenile’s history with participating law enforcement, judicial, and El Paso County agencies.  The following information is available in the Juvenile Profile: 

  • Identification Information
  • Outstanding Warrants
  • Probation Status
  • Offense History
  • Arrest History
  • School History
  • District Clerk System of Records
  • District Court Offenses & Dispositions
  • Class C Offenses & Citations

Due to the sensitivity of the information contained in JMIS and to meet the legal requirements of section 58.101 et.seq. of the Texas Family Code, the system provides a variety of security features.  These include a secure web server, confidential web connection via 128-bit SSL encryption, Virtual Private Network, user authentication (username and strong password), multi-level security (dynamic access based on agency type and user roles

Other In-House Applications

  • Court Monitor
  • e-Financials
  • Effective Practices In Community Supervison (EPICS)
  • Interns & Volunteers
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Projects Tool
  • Training Manager
  • Web Portal for Families to sign documents electronically
  • This website